You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Foreign Affair Import Car Repair:

Bob repaired my car when I could find no one else in the area who'd even touch it, did it with a smile, and did a great job. I would definitely recommend anyone, with any kind of car, to this honest, hard-working, uber-good place, but especially those of you who've been looking for a really good, honest mechanic for your Volvo!


None better. My vintage MG had a slight surge that I put up with for years, and several MG 'gurus' had been unable to fix. Mac fixed it by polishing an internal part to make it smooth - car hasn't run better in decades. And like others have said in their reviews, I was amazed when he called me on a Sunday night to tell me what he had found. I'm a fan!

Mat M.

Foreign affair is run by a wife and husband. I came across this place accidently when I was having problems with my Infiniti FX35 near RAFB. They are extremely honest, I check their prices on parts and they were not ripping me off. I was very impressed with the communication and the ease of the process.

Andria Y.

They are very knowledgeable, honest, accommodating, and helpful. I have been coming here for years and am never disappointed in the quality of service.

Jo S.

Best Repair Shop I have ever been! I normally called them to repair my 2002 Volkswagen Passat. They always call me after they check out the car to let me know what issue (s) my car has and to let me know how much parts and labor would cost before they begin the repair. My wife and I are very satisfied with this shop and would not trust our cars to no one else in town.


We have had several repairs done on two different cars at Foreign Affair. They are always courteous, affordable and fast. The last repair we needed was completed in less than 24 hours. I highly recommend them.

Robert R.

Always a positive experience and the prices are very reasonable. Would never consider taking my import anywhere (other than off a cliff) to be worked on. Sorry, my Acura has been a bit of a nightmare, through no fault of Foreign Affair's. Highly recommend.


Diagnosed and repaired 06 Honda accord within a few hours! Very good service, honest, and upfront prices. 40% lower price than the dealer for repair. Highly recommended!

Mark T.

They have worked on my 2006 Tundra and 2004 Sienna and every experience has been positive. Great work and fair prices. From minor repairs to major work, we won't go anywhere else.

John C.

My radiator exploded in a Kia Spectra while driving on 35 into San Antonio. I looked on yelp for auto options in the area and saw all of the five star review here. I limped my car over to the shop and everything worked out great! I had a great experience. I was back on the road in no time. These are genuinely good people.

Andy F.

Quoted me 70% less than the dealership on my 2002 BMW thermostat. Checked the Internet for price of the part and he was very honest and had the car done within hours cheaper than the quote and gave me a two year warranty on parts/labor. Highly recommended!

Dan H.

I used to work for Bob and Olga when I was in college. It has been some years now but I can personally attest to their honesty and fairness to their customers. I've seen Bob go over and above several times to make sure his customers are well taken care of. He personally supervises every single job that goes in and out of that shop. He's thorough and very honest with competitive pricing. He trains all of his mechanics to be just as meticulous when it comes to diagnostics and repairs. It is difficult to find honest car repair shops and you just don't know who you can trust. However, I trust leaving my Honda in their capable hands and will not take it to anyone else.

Leah T.

2004 VW Passant | Coolant issues | Bob & Olga once again resolved the issues faster than expected and was able to get the vehicle back on the road. Master Mechanic that is fair and knows how to fix cars.


I've taken my truck here before. This time my car. They checked brakes and fault codes and reported that the car was OK and didn't need anything. How often do repair shops do this? Besides never. Bob could have replaced rotors and pads and I would have been content to pay the bill. He chose honesty. I will be a loyal customer and share my experience with others.

Guy C.

Honest, Honest, and Honest. Where do you see that in the car repair business? They do a great job. I thought for sure we had very expensive repairs coming but it was an easy fix. I am confident other shops could have taken advantage of us. I'll be back time and time again.

Tanya T.

Love this place. So hard to find an honest mechanic - but you have one here! Foreign Affair was recommended by a coworker when I first moved to San Antonio and I couldn't be more pleased. I had taken my Accord to a local dealership where they tried to charge me nearly $3K for a variety of trumped-up repairs. I took it to Bob and he fixed what actually needed to be fixed for @$600. I now take my car in for an annual inspection, which I would never do at a dealership (they would have a field day) - that is how much I trust this place. And both Bob and Olga are lovely.

Anne A.

Excellent friendly family run mechanic shop that always leaves me more than satisfied.

John L.

Excellent work, fair pricing.

Al A.

Honest, friendly, and excellent mechanics. No up-sell or trying to convince you to get additional work done.

Todd C.

Even though Mac wasn't able to service my car he took the time to crawl underneath it right from the parking lot and that amazed me in itself. He told me exactly what was wrong even when I already knew so he knows his stuff. He even called another shop that would take on the job.

Nathaniel L.

Honest and very knowledgeable on foreign autos. Everyone is helpful and polite.

Jose A.

Excellent service. They replaced the head gasket on my Subaru for half the price of my dealership. I live hours away but when I need any work on my Outback, I'll be coming here.

Elizabeth D.

Great place! Customer service is AMAZING! Even though the mechanic was unable to work on my car, he still managed to find the problem with my car. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone

Courtney P.

Reasonable prices, fast service. What more could you ask for. And Olga's very pleasant to work with.

Charlotte W.